When a video game I like has a sequel and it's a video game like Mass Effect where your progress in one game effects the other games that precede it I take a lot of time to prepare for that sequel once it is announced. I think it is very important that everyone here prepares for Mass Effect 3, not just by talking about it and anticipating what will come, but by setting up Mass Effect 1 and 2 in way that will affect Mass Effect 3 in their favor. This of course means making no mistakes in moral options. If you want a perfect paragon character, then always choose the dialogue options nearest to the top (Opposite for Renegade). I also saw on the Mass Effect 3 page of the wiki that difficulty has increased, so I today I thought of a way to make Insanity on ME2 difficulty even harder. If you use an Xbox360, then you should go to "Game Library" and install both disks for ME2. The outcome is a dramatically increased game speed, harder enemies, and a more war-like experience. For me, I can generally get through a level on insanity in no time at all, no problem, but after I installed the disks, it made it a problem. This should help me prepare for ME3 difficulty, try it out and see what you think.

Any other ideas on how to prepare for ME3 would be welcomed on this thread!

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