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Wrex and the Genophage

Ok now here's question that I've been wondering ever since I learned that you can bypass wrex when he finds out you sabotaged the genophage cure using Mass effect leviathan terminals. The question is if you successfully bypass Wrex as outlined on the quest page for Priority Citadel III, do you still keep the krogan war assets you would normally lose by sabotaging the cure with Wrex as leader?

Without actually testing it myself it would seem plausible since he still appears before you on Earth and since Wrex isn't dead, it would seem like krogan forces don't fragment and weaken your total war assets.

the second question is if you bypass wrex using this method and he appears before you on earth as if the genophage was actually cured does it affect the ending at all? Again it would seem like it this since technically wrex behaves like the genophage is cured and would rebuild the krogan race after the war.

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