Mass Effect ending


I have played the Mass Effect series for a period of many years and i stil doesent find it a bit boring after all this time.

I have seen alot of reactions by the Mass Effect community when the end of the last game, Mass Effect 3. An ending wich people posted there feelings about it on Facebook,youtube and so on. There really was an angry storm of fans who had followed the series with reall heart and felt like this was the worst ending ever. Although BioWare was aware that the fans was upset they didnt publish an alternet ending in form of another expansion set or other.

Basicly there are 4 endings, 3 of wich Shepard doesent survive. 1) Shepard destroys the Catlyst and all syntetic life in the universe,including the geth and the cybernetics inside of Shepard. Shepard can surive this by haveing enough War Assets though.

2)Shepard takes controll of the reapers but dies and the Catalyst takes the form of Shepard and protects "the many" with its reapers.

3) Shepard adds his/hers energie to the Crusible and therefore dies. The energy converts all organics and non- organics to a new form of DNA. Wich makes peace between organics and syntetics.

4) Shepard doeasnt make a choice and the harvesting continues and all intelegent life is harvested. But Liara saves the memories of him inside a VI named Glyph that gives the reaper and Crusible info to future cycles. There by stoping the harvesting cycles.

I find that there are no better ending,becose Shepard is the hero that must stop it all at any cost. Even his own.

There will problebly wont be more Mass Efect games unless somebody takes up the Mass Effect series again. But is it so hard to just dust of the xbox 360,dust it off and begin anew? Shepard deservs it i think

-For N7

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