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    Since Wikia offers a blog, may as well use said blog right? XD

    The number one thing that has been on my mind whenever I think of Mass Effect is likely the same as everyone else's: What is Mass Effect 4 (Which, for simplicity's sake, is what I'm calling it here.) going to be? I have read many a forum, blog, and whatever else I can find speculating on it. All we really know is four things:

    1) It is likely not to be called Mass Effect 4

    2) Shepard will not be in it, as his story is over according to BioWare.

    3) The game uses Frostbite's graphic engine.

    4) It will take some gameplay cues from Dragon Age.

    So, as I'm sure you can imagine, and probably even know, speculation has ran quite rampant. I have heard 4 possible choices for what the next Mass …

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