I posted this in Commdor’s “Mass Effect March on Comic-Con” blog. But I decided to open a new blog since this is an entirely different topic.

We’ve had a few days after the closing of Comic-Con to digest the events and issues regarding ME3 there.

Well…let’s see… after the closing of SDCC, it is clear to me Casey, Mac and the whole bunch at BioWare are very good at making a lot of noise while revealing very little. Everything they presented at SDCC was a rehash of what was already shown in E3, plus a few snippets of Shepard as an Adept and a couple of new screens. The only thing that stands out as “new” is the reveal of the default FemShep.

Truth to be told, I’m sick of watching the same demo over and over. I was expecting a little more, like the Reaper/Tresher Maw fight described in several magazine articles previous to E3. The Q & A sessions were also a waste of time with people asking the same questions and getting the same answers. …“Will we see Tali’s face?”… PLEASE….I was a bit disappointed.

Now is on to GamesCon in Germany next month. We might be able to see a trailer featuring FemShep, and MAYBE some new stuff, but I’m keeping my expectations low so I will be pleasantly surprised if the come up with something substantial.

So, what are the community’s impressions from Comic-Con?

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