From BioWare forums, User Vertigo_1 has posted some new ME3 info allegedly from the July 2011 issue of Xbox World Magazine.


Some we already know, some is new, at least that I know of.

Following are copy and paste from the forum:

""SQUADMATES: "Twelve was a big number in Mass Effect 2 - almost too big", Hudson concedes. "We're focused on a smaller squad with deeper relationships and more interesting interplay in Mass Effect 3' he explains "We're not going to have twelve again but we are going to do more with the characters on your squad including Liara, and Kaidan or Ashley. And we're bringing everyone back - every main character is in Mass Effect 3 somewhere"

"Zaeed is in (****YAAAYYYY****that's me), plus Thane, Mordin and the rest, all knocking about somewhere in the galaxy, doing something appropriate for their character and with the same lavish redesigns given to every core character in the game."

""Garrus is back along with Jack: "She's matured," admits Art Director Derek Watts, "maybe she's softened up a bit. You can only stay punk rock for so long, you know. Even Johnny Rotten eventually goes, 'I've got to do something different'. She'd get tired of walking around completely naked and she'd probably grow her hair out, but she's still Jack and still kinda punk - shaved at the sides with a ponytail at the back"

ON CHARACTER RE-DESIGN: "We have to update the look," Watts continues, referring to Jack, Ashley and Kaidan's redesigns "And the people who redesign the characters are the same people who did the original characters; and they know best how these things are supposed to mature. Stuff changes. Garrus' armour is going to change. Even Shepard has changed quite a bit. His armour has changed a lot since the first Mass Effect"

BIG LEVELS: "These spaces large enough to accommodate a six hundred foot Reaper boss-fight, and a fifty (Fifteen) foot Cerberus Atlas mech Shepard himself pilots later in the game." the Spanish mag about the piloted mechs was right.

There is a lot more in the post as it's very long. Go and check it out.

EDIT 5/13/11

Just found the link for the Xbox World Magazine sacans:

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