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  • I live in Everywhere and Nowhere
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is Sky-God Principal Emperor of the Univese
  • Raven Giordano

    I recommend not reading this if you have not gotten this DLC yet.

    I'd have to say my favorite part was either watching Zaeed and the claw machine, Wrex, Grunt, and Shepard's party conversation or Grunt telling about how he ended up with C-Sec. But if I had to pick one i'd say it's the third one.

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  • Raven Giordano

    The ending to Mass Effect 3 was awful, and im sure many would agree with me. Really we only have 3 choices, even with the Extended Cut, we only get 3 choices: Destroy the Reapers, do nothing and screw everyone over, and brainwash the galaxy. Before I get into what my ending is, i'd like to go the endings Bioware gave us.

    Doing nothing and letting the Reapers wipe everyone out shouldn't have been an option to begin with, if Shepard was just going to do that, why waste time running all over the galaxy? Why not just stay on Earth and die there? So really, doing nothing makes no sense, not much needs to be said here.

    Brainwashing the galaxy is my way of describing Control and Synthesize or whatever that option is called. I say that because well …

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