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  • I live in Albertville, AL
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is Eating crayons
  • I am Male
  • Ramallah

    Love is a Battlefeild

    April 18, 2011 by Ramallah

    There are probly a good few post asking the same question but oh well. Anyway I'm doing my second playthrough of Mass Effect 2 (inorder to get my choices straight for ME3) and saddly the hardest choice does't have anything to do with saving humanity. Its a matter of the heart. Yeah thats right I need help deciding who the love intrest should be. I'm thinking of staying with Ashley (damn she looks good in that ME3 screenshot) but I don't know. Tali is one of the best characters in the series, Jack's just my kind of girl, and Miranda has got an ass that won't quit. So what should I do? Its ether the lost love, the cool nerd, the goth that can kick your ass, or the sexy babe.

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  • Ramallah

    The first details of Mass Effect 3 will be revealed in the next issue of Game Informer magazine, but they're also all over the internet. If you want an early look at the future adventures of Commander Shepard, just continue reading. Obviously, major spoiler alert!

    Here's what we know about Mass Effect 3:

    The game begins with Shepard on Earth, standing trial for the events that went down during the Mass Effect 2 "Arrival" DLC. The Reapers invade; Shepard escapes to the Normandy, and the plot begins. Returning squad-mates: Liara, Ashley/Kaiden, Garrus (if he's alive) A New Squad-Mate, James Sanders, will join your crew. Returning Characters: Wrex, Mordin, Legion, and Anderson will appear in the game (if they're alive), but aren't confirmed …

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