i write this here because this wiki is far more intelligent than halopedia

Throughout the halo games and books they beat you over the head with the fact that the forerunners are in fact humans.


it isnt hard to comprehend, they take every example of primitive huanity to say that they arent the forerunner.

what if just maybe the primitive populations on earth were descended from shipwrecked members of the forerunner race.

nobody ever thinks of that, it is alot less speculative than most of the stuff they have up on that wiki.

halo has alot of good story behind it, and there are alot ofcontinuity errors, but one little error doesnt mean you have to throw it out of the continuity

continuity errors are a thing to be resolved and fixed, look at star wars

star wars has a really good time with retcons, and alot of the more interesting content has come directly out of retcons

but i awknowledge that this is one of the difficulties a consistent science fiction universe has, maintaining its continuity

halo has it really bad though, mostly because they are willing to hand out a license without a strict guideline.

mass effect is doing it good, they are very carefull, it will be a whole 6 years probably before continuity errors get noticable.

and that is saying something, on average continuity errors happen within the first work (kind of sad really)

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