this blog post i will use to vent everytime i have a mass effect related bad itch in my brain

quarian prayer

lets start with the quarian prayer/greeting/keelah thing

i cannot type this, i dont know how many apostrophes there is supposed to be and where those apostrophes are located

but that isnt the bad it, the bad itch is that every time i hear this i want to respond with

"keep us alive"

it automatically plays in my head every time i hear a quarian say their prayer thing


liaras eye

her right eye, its always half closed,she has this wierd like twitch or something.

it makes her look like an axe murderor

this i present as difnitive proof that she has some sort of severe psychological disorder

Thanes hands

imagine, you are the member of the drell race, likely the race with the lowest galactic population. Look at your hands, you have fused fingers. The same number of fingers (5) as a few other races, humans, batarians, asari. But because of one minor difference, a couple of fused fingers your are thrown into a minority, you have effectively four fingers (instead of the typical three or five) this makes you literally the only race that is impossible to find a pair of glove

you can almost find gloves, but they will never fit.

forever your hands will be cold

lair of teh shadow broker

i keep reading it liara of the shadow broker

i think something is wrong with me


what happens if you dont hug tali . . . . nobody knows, its a mystery

nobody is evil enough to not give her that hug

aadolft hitler would have given her that hug

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