Time for a very poor review on how the turians look.

Probably the most iconic and original race of the entire mass effect series (rivaled only by the elcor) I love these fellows, they have an incredibly neutral appearence, some people see them as cockroachs, others see them as armadillos, personally I think they are very hawklike. I beleive this was the intention of the creators of mass effect to combine the fearsom traits of the hawk, the grossness of a cockroach, and the passiveness of the armadillo. Creating a being with a surprising range of emotion.

The turians have a slim build, and wierd hips that will always bother me. The first thing i ever noticed about the turians was the legs, specifically the wierd structures on the back that serve no purpose, my mind was filled with questions, What do they do, what do they look like.

The biggest question. HOW DO YOU PUT ON PANTS.


The way I view it is that its a huge burden for the turians every day to put on there pants, thats why some of them are grumpy. Imagine a having to take forty minutes out of your morning routine to put on pants.

The second thing I noticed about the turians was the boney looking faces. Although they appear boney it is implied that the plates are actually metal. According to the in game codex many creatures on their homeplanet actually have metallic plating, this isnt necessarily true for the turians.

The mandibles of course are a note worth trait, something I noticed over the course of the game was that these things actually were used to show emotion, I first noticed it when I was talking to Li on noveria. When i played my second playthrough i noticed it a lot more. My biggest fear of mass effect 2 is that they might forget that the mandibles express emotion.

Now lets talk about saren, This guy is a typical turian. it might be an illusion but he seems a little bit shorter than all of the others in the game, another thing to notice is that he has big ear horns, I have heard alot of speculation that he is some sort of turian sub specie. Personally I just think that the boney plates grow like human hair, and that he just wears it that way for style purposes.


Now to wrap this up with a very short paragraph on color, I have no idea if the markings on turian faces are genetic, tattoos, or face paint. I would be inclined to think that a good number of it is genetic (most otehr species have color variations). But I also beleive that some use tattos. One turian in particular stood out above all others, I am pretty sure that it is consistant, but it might be random, its a turian who succesfully returns an item. He was completly teal in color, no markings or anything just solid teal (I would post a picture but I cant find one).

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