I was on a forum the otther day, there was a discussion about the bachelor party on illium

and EVERY single person insisted that the dialogue was either non canon, or asari did indeed have mind control powers

for the love of CHRIST almighty pay attention to the situation in the game

we got three co workers, i dont know what they do, i am assuming the human is not a biologist because because he insists that salarian years are dog years, adn talks about (ew) belly button shots with the asari stripper.

so when the three get into a discussion about how the asari could possibly be attractive to all of them he ASKS (note asks not states)

"wait, you dont think they're, like mind-controlling us to see themm as attractive, do you?"

He asked a question, a question taht was influenced by the comments of his fellows on the spot, there is no research backing this question of his it was something he came up with based on about three sentences of information

So the truth of the situation is we got one (presumbably) inebriated human who had a brief fear of an asari stripper

the canon of mass effect has not been changed in any significant way

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