I am a democrat, i dont hate republicans?

why dont i hate republicans?

because they arent wrong, i dont think anybody is wrong.

its all about method (but that isnt the point of this blog)

the point i am getting across is that if a person has a political or religious ideal it is pointless to argue with them unless they are so terribly wrong that there is a valid potential of them causing a rift in space time (like beleiving islam is a devil worshiping cult)

to themselves they are right, it makes sense to them to beleive what they beleive in

and while there are undoubtably positions and facts that make ones person beleifs more valid than anothers the fact is this can only be taken at face value

things go deeper than most people can comprehend

so dont insult people you dont like

even if they beleive that 9/11 was an inside job, or that snorks are behind the atlantic paranormal society, or that hmburgers are made out of the flesh of human beings poisoned with pork products, or that the holocaust didnt happen (there is some specific misinformation that causes some people to go nuts over this one)

they have the right to beleive what they want to beleive in, and you really cant stop them

even if you accuse them of homosexuality.

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