I got banned off the mass effect fan fiction wiki, how traumatizing (sarcasm). I cannot say that I am impressed by the immaturity of the administrator on the website, using other peoples work. He called me a bitch, actually he started swearing at me first, he resorted to swearing try try and make a point, like my grandmother told me swearing is what people do when they cant think of anything better to say. Instead of validating his insistance on using other peoples work with actualy facts he just called me a bitch.

And then told me that because something is lawful it makes it right, thats an idiot statement if there ever was one. Abortion is legal in the state that I live in, that doesnt make baby murder correct, it doesnt mean i have to go out and perform abortions. Definatly a harsh metaphor, one that should rarely be used. Sadly I cant think of any unlawful laws.

It is circular aswell, creating a rule that specifically allows yourself to do something immoral. As an administrator he should have a sense of responsibility. On this site I have noted extremely mature and patient behavior from the admins on many occasions (needed to counteract my typically explosive and mildly violent nature) this is somethign that the admin from the fan fiction website clearly lacks.

Kudos To my friends on this website for being good at your job. And may the mass effect fan fiction wiki spend its exsistence in infamy.

Personally I would recommend severing ties to the website, but that is not my decision to make.

A special thank you to SpartHawg for backing me u on the fanfiction wiki, it (honest to god) almost brought a tear to my eye, although we dont really get along i appreciate it friend.

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