when i was growing up I had two huge mysteries, these mysteries were television shows/movies thati saw but never remembered the name.

In fact I NEVER knew the name of these shows, i had memories and that was all, just memories vague and confusing.

it took me years to find the first show, going on a few facts i incapable of discovering its identity, i knew it had mech and it was like star trek but for kids,also i knew it had a space dog whos name began with G. I also had the summaries of several episodes remembered

i remembered alot

eventually i broke down about a month ago, i found a list on the internet of every single science fiction show of all time for some reason i started at z and worked my way up.


this show was hypernauts, i tell you what this show was INCREDIBLE, it was comple, it was cool, it had good effects in its day, it had enemies that i liked, and it never completed its first season run? the last episodes of the show never aired adn i doubt seriously that hte show ever re-aired.


i recommend you watch this show on youtube


the memories i had involved dinosaurs and twokids being raised by dogs

that is all

it took me eight seconds to find the name of the movie (exact opposite of hypernauts)

Epic:Days of the dinosaurs

unfortunatly i cannot find this on youttube or elsewhere, it is among the several thousand animated movies released in the nineties that are now lost to antiquity, there is no dvd release,and no awknowledgemtn of its exsistence by wikipedia and imnd (i dont think there is at least)

i get the sense from my vague memories though that this movie mighthave done something to piss someone off, i dont know why though I also think the movie might have been horribly depressing and i just dont know it fully.

i am afraid to buy the vhs on amazon because if i watch it i could end up ruining my childhood.

I do know if i bought it i would hook up my vhs to a dvd recorder purely fordigital preservation purposes, possibly even upload it to youtube (probably not, i try to avoid legal trouble at all costs)

in short, GO WATCH HYPERNAUTS and if you happen to remember any other details of epic days of the dinosaurs

or know a place i can watch it

please tell me

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