IT IS A WIKI, it is basically a fan fiction wiki, but without a universe to build upon


we also have a deviantart group


also i want to thank you guys for the wonderful religious conversation that we had, it was probably the most good hearted religious conversation i have ever had

i dont think anyone got angry at all. It may have been the only time in my life that i discussed religion with someone without them getting angry at me.

you guys are great

EDIT: DID you guys not hear what i said, free editing none of the restrictions that come with editing on this site, theories and speculation welcome and likely to become fact. new universes built

fine, thats how you want to play

i have a loaf of bread with me, if you dont edit the fiction project i am going to put a gallon of milk on top of the loaf of bread, thus ruining it . . . . im serious

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