Time for the humans, and before you ask the question, yes i indeed have lost my mind

Now for obvious reasons the humans are hte most familiar race in mass effect in fact most people reading this are presumably human, the people on this planet have yet to develop superluminal communications or transport, and no other species have made contact, there could be some aliens stranded on earth and keeping themselves secret, if i say anything that could be offensive to them i am very sorry. As we did not design humans there is not much to say behind the design, they are people plain basic annd simple


YAH HUMANS, how exciting, visually compared to the other races they are very bland, they have many traits in common with other species, especially the drell, they come is a wide array of skintonese, they ahve good diversity that i can only assume leads to confusion amongst other races, this may in fact lead to awkward questions

Jacob Taylor Normandy

According to mass effect revelation, humans can undergo pigment alteration precedures, and in the comic redemption a person who seemingly underwent this procedure is present.

in short, humans are diverse, common, and familiar. if you dont know what a human is then you are likely getting your internet through a wormhole

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