The hanar

what is there to say about them

THE ARE BIG STUPID JELLYFISH, now that this joke is out of the way lets get on with the show


the hanar were born out of the strange science fiction necessity to have a race that inexplicably breaths both water and air. So htey picked a species that overwhelmed hte oceans, jellyfish, and they threw a little bit of cephalapod in with it for good measure.

Lets diessect this shall we, the first hanar people usually see is in a shop on the presidium, you see it and your first thought is "ooooohhhhh he is tall" actually no that is a second though the first thought is "holy crap a jellyfish" but we already covered the jellyfish part


The hanar are indeed tall, and they look snazzy being tall, this fits with their above everyone else snobish personality. But it took me a while to notice something, and this thing haunted me until i realized i shouldd check the codex, they dont even touch the ground, my thoughts are that this is part of the snobbery, not wanting to touch the gross ground, of course i know they would collapse into a pile of pink goo if they tunred off their anti grav packs, but not touching the ground makes them seem like jerks

now the next thing you will notice is the color, the hanar are pink

not much to say about that other than i guess they dont really care what other people think about them, everything about the hanar makes them seem proud actually.


and the last thing, not really and appearence thing is when they talk their snout goes all bioluminescent, this is awesome it looks soooooooo cool, i know somewhere on them there is a device turning that bioluminsecense into words (god only knows were) but it just looks sooo coool

well thats it

hey, why werent there any talking hanar in mass effect 2, i demand that this be rectified with dlc.

or at elast bring there talking back in ME3

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