I get into a discussion with a halo fan

i point out that the games make it clear from the beginning that humans are forerunners

He claims that the humans are precursors, and tha the precursors created the forerunners, and that all forerunner tech is reverse engineered from precursor tech

mind you the precursosrs are mentioned maybe three times in the entirety of halo canon, the first time they are mentioned it is small, it is on the halo legendary bonus disc

all it says is that the precursors were potentiall transsentient, and that they were there before the forerunners

the next few tiems its only in passing in the terminals

so not only does this guy claim that the precursors are human, but he claims that the whole mantle of gaurdian of the galaxy thing is in fact a religious ideal?

It could be potentially, but it doesnt have to be, protecting the galaxy from the flood is pretty serious business after all they did have to go to great lengths to do it

but i have read nothing to indicate that the forerunners or precursors are at all religious

and then he claims that most of this stuff is in the books

i have read the books, all of them,the word precursor is used once in reference to a forerunner artifact

suck it

seriously though, i cant blame him, he is just confused because halo has a hard time keeping its own canon together,i read the halo ecnyclopedia and i am not even sure it knew how much a mongooses weight limit was (hint the vehicle has this info on it in game)

and it got just about every species homeworld wrong i beleive

most of the confusion stems from microsoft created things, likewise 343 industries, they just dont seem to care about having a consistant universe

adn these days a consistant univer i think is really important


He blocked me form sending him notes or commenting on any of his deviations, appearently the way to win an arguement with someone with superior intelligence is to boot them out of the conversation, so that they cannot contradict anything that you say with facts.

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