When moses descended from the mountain carrying the ten commandments given to him by god he was forced to destroy them when he reached the bottom. HE then had to ascend the mountain again and carve new tablets with the commandmets, he had to remember the rules given to him by god purely from memory, logic stands to reason that its possible he may have forgotten one or two of these dfinitive rules.

And scholars around the world agree that one of these theoretical rules that was lost was beyond a shadow of a dout, Dont Be A Dick (every word capatilized to emphasize the importance)

I of course broke this rule and because of this I paid the price, I had to sit by and watch people vandalize the wiki and not be able to do anything about it. I am not complaining about the admins skills and such, they are only human of course with wants and needs like the rest of us, I however am a complete and total bum that doesnt do anything so i had plenty of oppourtunity to fix these things, just not the ability.

I would certainly like to beleive that i learned from my mistakes and in the future i hope that i can become a very productive member of this community.

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