I hate going to other wikis

i really hate it

I was discussing on one of the news blogs the bluntness of the pop culture references in the previous fallout games, i was highly dissatisfied with it.

The reason for the discussion is because in new vegas its possible to get a trait for the primary character that add blunt and stupid pup culture references

the blog poster got mad at me, deleted all of my comments, and caleld me a troll, telling me that ii diliberatly started a flame war.

And repeatedly accused me of going off topic


the point was the dr who easter egg ruined the pacing of the first game

you are walking along and BAM a tardis, out of nowhere, in a game made by americans and released in the 1990's when nobody knew who doctor who was

yes i know how old doctor who is, i know that the show has many fans. But in the NINITIES, not really the show wasnt playing on any channel on north american television to my knowledge

The point was that it was an easter egg that was not only blunt (just SHOWING THE TARDIS, what is that supposedd to mean) but to the bulk majority of the people playing the game they wouldnt understand what was going on.

I never even got around to my point in the conversation, which was expressing my joy that pop culture references in new vegas (teh upcoming game) were optional, i had to keep explaining to people why the bluntness of the references in the previous games was stupid

so that led to this brilliant conversation (starting at the first post by tezzla cannon)

He has simply repeated over and over again "you are a troll,"

or "stop trolling"

and has taken everything i have said otu of context

this is the third time i have come crawling back here after having a bad experience on another wiki

That is how great this wiki is, this wiki has a standard taht others cannot begin to hold themselves to.

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