A shamelss self promotion? probably, is that against the rules? i dont think so i read through the guidelines (btw i noticed the guidelines do not have any rules concerning the blogs? (to my knowledge) and i would think it is only fair that the blogs have a different set of rules concerning editing)

I am here to talk about fallout 2161, it is a mod for the bethesda era games fallout 3/new vegas, these games are great if you dont like them then you are probably an old person.

The basic (very basic) premise behind fallout 2161 is to recreate the original two fallout games in the fallout 3 engine. This idea is often met with critisism from fans of hte original two fallout games.

OLD PERSON: Why dont you just play the far superior fallout 1/2 instead of having to convert it into that sinful engine.

FALLOUT 2161 STAFF: you dont get what we are trying to do, do you?

To explain, you cannot force people to play fallout 1 and 2, the gameplay is not accesable to everyone. Not only that but the games themselves are full of glitches that often (way to often) make playing the game IMPOSSIBLE, many quests have an effect on the ending and more often than tolerable those quests have a catostrophic glitch that makes it impossible to get the ending you intended.

So bad was it in fallout 2 that the community had to create a restoration mod for the game, and this restoration is generally considered amust for playing the game.

So the basic point is THESE GAMES NEED AN UPDATE, if you would rather play fallout 1/2 more power to you, but this mod is not for you. It is for all the fallout 3/new vegas fans out there, so that they can understand the grandness of the story

And really thats what it boils down to, story! That is what we care about, that is what we want to show.

Join us in making the fallout 3 community more tolerable for the old people

ive said my peace

also i ate like a pound of raisins today and i dont know why, is this a bad or a good thing. And my health has seen significant improvement since i started drinking v8 fusion, but dang they are NASTY but you get used to them

i dont know why i said those last two things, i think i might be crazy

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