(Sickly introduction)Ok, i am finally doing it i am going to over analyse the elcor

(inebriated observation) lets take a look at the elcor shall we, the first species that many people saw in the game was the elcor (aside from teh turians i suppose) this is with a potential of three other species to be seen in the room though, the keepers and the volus were also present, but the elcor are huge, giants,

(Genuine enthuisiasm) you could ride an elcor to work and these big guys are so polite he probably wouldnt even mind, now for the bad part if the elcor isnt polite and kind he could easily rip you to peices, you would be so messed up taht you would need 2 years and funding from cerberus to put you back together


(feigned enthusiasm) really that is the only image we will need for the elcor, the thing about elor i suppose that should confuse us is despite their size we are not afraid of them, in fact i think these guys are downright cute. It isp artialyl the personality but there are some subtle things that make them cute

(benito mussolini) defer you to the 15 and 16 rules of cute (see cute overload)

the hea of the elcor is part of their body, they have large foreheads and tiny little eyes (proportionatly) they dont even have ears, and those eyes of theirs seem to only hold unfathomable depths of kindness, with a little bit of sadness aswell, like they are weary from a universe so filled with hate, i must imagine the strength it takes for the average elcor to maintain themselves in such a galaxy (note some are cigar smoking jerks, but most are nice)

that thing on their back, i dont know why they bother, but it makes them look like they got floppy ears


(happyness incarnate) like the biggest most hairless dog in the galaxy

(sadness incarnate) i love these guys, they are kinda like eyore aswell

(tired explanation) now look at the cthulu looking mouth, its like a series of mouth flaps that dont really make sense, but it is curled atthe sides making it look like they are smiling constantly, not a smile of happiness but a vigilante smile, a smile they fore because they know there is nothing ot be sad about in their own lives, but inside they know how much sadness there is in the galaxy

its wierd, if i described the elcor as they are they would sound scary, an eight foot tall cthulu dog with arms as big around as your waist. but no they are the most huggable race in the galaxy.

up next . . . . . . . . . . . hanar

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