no seriously


people picket at the funerals of heterosexual soldiers, about homosexuals being accepted?

that doesnt make any sense, we need a new ammendment here in the united states that says, in regards to the first one nobody that is certafiably batsh*t insane is allowed their free speach rights.

i am serious the arguement you are presenting should at least have some cohesive structure.

and if i am not mistaken the further you go back in time the more soldiers die during a war, one could argue because of our acceptance less people are dying.

if i recall properly there was a single battle in the civil war that the dead outnumbered american lossess in the entirety of the second world war

that is not a chosive arguement,try saying that to someone you will probably be locked away in the loony bin

me: gay people are accepted, therefore soldiers are dying in iraq

other guy: (walks away very slowly to call the police)

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