so here is something i am going to throw out there, try and follow me ok because it gets a little bit complicated.

the original race that started the whole reaper thing . . . was insect

and i am not saying this just because i was moving rocks earlier and i saw a bug that looked suspiciously alot like sovereign.

i am saying this because reapers traditionally seem to favor insectile races, the two races that we know survived reaper genocide in the past were both insects.

and when it came time to purge the galay of life (there highly disgusting method of reproduction) there first choice for thralls was the rachni.

its a half thought but it makes alot of sense.

oh also, this has been bothering me on the quarians article someone wrote that most races have five fingers, i dont want to be rude in the slightest. . . but if the person who wrote that is reading this please learn to count, i am not saying this because i want to anger the person who wrote this, i am saying this because i care about people in this world.

And mathematics is easily the third most important thing for a person to learn.

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