Since it isnt valid for an article I figure it should be here.

The batarians since the beginning of the game have gone through substantial design changes. I start this examination with whats known of the race, they have four eyes, two arms, two legs. On average they have the same number of fingers as humans, its uknown what their toes are like. They seem to be primarily yellow skinned (vairations seem to exsist) and their head seems to have an inconceivable amount of things on it, bunch of nostrils, tubes under the noses, a bunch of stuff I dont know how to describe.

This is how they are now though, they used to be very different looking. Pre bring down the sky (mass effect dlc) there was an image in the codex.

this version I feel is a little more pleasant to look at, however I see why it was changed. It looked far to innocent other than the obvious frown he doesnt look like he would hurt anybody. So when bring down the sky brought in the batarians they were changed to the now familiar version.


they look a little more angry, i think its because the facial structure make it look like they have a constantly furrowed brow. Aswell the four eyes are hard to concentrate on, you dont know which set to look into (of course they have always had four eyes)

Then comes along mass effect galaxy, although I dont own the game I think there is only a couple of batarians in it.

Jathamon.jpg Jath%27Amon.jpg

Pretty much the same as the redesign, although he is shorter and more heavy (similiar to a volus) I suppose this was to make the character look more innocent (ive never been hurt by a short fat guy) and reading the article it seems that the intention of sending this particular batarian was to decrease suspicion. This individual however proves that batarians are capable of variations in height, aswell as weight.

The canonical depictions of the batarians make them one of hte more varied races in mass effect. Every other race has a generally uniform body structure, that is just an effect of being a video game, it is difficult to make several different body types for a single species, and it would be a waste of time.

So in that sense mass effect galaxies different format was taken advantage of, used to show that the galay is filled with more variation than the original game would have you think.

So tha batarians shifting appearence has served to enrich the lore of mass effet, thats cool I guess.

(I dont even want to look back at all the spelling and grammar errors)

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