• Ralok

    Fallout 2161

    September 3, 2010 by Ralok

    A shamelss self promotion? probably, is that against the rules? i dont think so i read through the guidelines (btw i noticed the guidelines do not have any rules concerning the blogs? (to my knowledge) and i would think it is only fair that the blogs have a different set of rules concerning editing)

    I am here to talk about fallout 2161, it is a mod for the bethesda era games fallout 3/new vegas, these games are great if you dont like them then you are probably an old person.

    The basic (very basic) premise behind fallout 2161 is to recreate the original two fallout games in the fallout 3 engine. This idea is often met with critisism from fans of hte original two fallout games.

    OLD PERSON: Why dont you just play the far superior fallout 1/2 ins…

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  • Ralok

    Magic Moment

    August 29, 2010 by Ralok

    Anybody want to guess the magical thing that just happened to my xbox

    I'll ive you a hint

    Its happened to everyone at least once

    if it happens enough times i might consider buying a playstation 3

    if I dont get it taken care of i wont be able to play halo reach

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  • Ralok

    ad hominem attacks

    August 18, 2010 by Ralok

    can we make it a rule that anyone who uses an ad hominem attack is instantly banned, with no chance of ever gettingg unbanned.

    Then can we petition the fallout wiki to adopt this rule

    because every time i get in a conversation with someone about hte original fallouts vs fallout 3 (three of my all time favorite games despite the differences) the instantly INSTANTLY without hesitation resort to ad hominem attacks

    CRHIST ALl MIGHTY, fallout fans are stupider than halo fans (just a generalization folks, i myself am a fan of both franchises, and i know a good portion of the people here are to)


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  • Ralok

    Fallout wiki

    August 16, 2010 by Ralok

    I hate going to other wikis

    i really hate it

    I was discussing on one of the news blogs the bluntness of the pop culture references in the previous fallout games, i was highly dissatisfied with it.

    The reason for the discussion is because in new vegas its possible to get a trait for the primary character that add blunt and stupid pup culture references

    the blog poster got mad at me, deleted all of my comments, and caleld me a troll, telling me that ii diliberatly started a flame war.

    And repeatedly accused me of going off topic


    the point was the dr who easter egg ruined the pacing of the first game

    you are walking along and BAM a tardis, out of nowhere, in a game made by americans and release…

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  • Ralok

    Interparty relations

    July 20, 2010 by Ralok

    Am i the only one dissapointed by the lack of intersquad relations in both mass effect games

    I mean everyone ignores each other

    at least once i would like to see grunt and garrus hanging out playing video games

    look at how star ocean handled that kind of stuff, star ocean did it really well (what a bad game)

    So tell me how would you like to see squad memers interact with each other

    i have two things i would like to see kesumi teasing grunt relentlessly, and him being helpless to stop it And if shephard neglected a garrus or tali romance in mass effect 2 for a romantic relationship to occur beetween them

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