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    Mass Effect 3 Demo Review

    February 16, 2012 by Rac Ward

    With the release of the demo for Mass Effect 3 and given that people have had time to digest the new features of the game I figured I would give my review on what I felt were some of the strongest features of the demo and some of the weakest.

    The Bad

    I originally watched the leaked beta demo on youtube, and from what I can tell there were major dialogue changes that were created between the leak of the beta demo and the actual demo. This is noticeable when Admiral Anderson is talking to Shepard in the hallway about the things he has pulled off. Originally Shepard complains about why they took away the Normandy and Andersons response was that with the destruction of an entire Batarian system Shepard gave the Batarians an excuse to go to war.…

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    Mass Effect 3 speculation

    February 13, 2012 by Rac Ward

    With the release of Mass Effect 3 just weeks away I figured I would add my two cents on what is too come in the next game. Shepard and humanity will be pushed to the brink to defeat an enemy who slaughters millions without hesitation. It would seem the Reapers are a seemingly invicible enemy but are they?

    Sovereigns destruction in Mass Effect One showed that the Reapers can be killed. Even though it took an entire fleet to destroy one Reaper it proved they can be killed. I believe the Reapers weakness exists in their overconfidence in their success which for millions of years has proved right so far. The Reapers have wiped out all previous galactic life and civilizations such as the Protheans and despite their best efforts to fight back hav…

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