Now everyone knows that the Illusive Man is one of the key characters in Mass Effect. I would like to know everyone's opinion of him as a person and whether you think he will/should succeed in his goals, or he should be eliminated.

As for me, I think he is nothing more than a xenophobe and a monster. He states his aim as safeguarding and progression of humanity, but what he really wants is ascension of humanity above other species, regardless of the costs. And I think ironically, that can be humanity's greatest downfall, since other species will then resent humanity, and work together to ring human down, and they will eventually succeed. Humanity will stand alone, and die alone, should the Illusive man succeed.

But its not just his goals that are perverted, but the means of achieving those goals. He has no remorse of subjecting people to horrendous experiments, or in killing those who stand in his way. He has no ethics, and ironically, no humanity left in him. Juts paranoia and hatred.

In short, I would love it if we can use Commander Shepard to kill the Illusive Man in Mass Effect 3. I think it would be in humanity's best interest to hit the Illusive man with a barrage of incendiary ammo and watch him burn.

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