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    In a new interview BioWare's Mike Gamble revealed that Commander Shepherd can 'lose' in Mass Effect 3. Without going into details he explains that,

    "In Mass Effect 3, the theme is literally galactic extinction, so the choices that you make can have that much larger consequences, and because of that, you think a little bit harder before making them."

    Confirming that it is the decisions the player makes that will effect your eventual out come he added,

    "A lot of the satisfaction comes out of the choices that you made, so when a story concludes a certain way, the way it concluded was in part because of the choices you made."

    A video of the interview can be seen here, [1]

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    Miracle of Sound

    August 12, 2011 by Putowtin

    So the genius that is Gavin Dunne will be on stage at GamesCom in Cologne with the Bioware team to perfom his new Mass Effect inspired song "Normandy" It will be available on the Escapist from the 24th of August so those going to GamesCon are getting a world exclusive.

    for the full story see:

    Darth Jadious - Muori col tuo orgoglio, pre quanto vale 10:13, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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