--Perj 12:30, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

  • Important The guide assumes you are importing and replaying a Shepard that has maximum points in both Charm and Intimidate skills, and can pass any dialogue check.
  • Important It is assumed by default that you have completed all the secondary stuff by the time you start Virmire.
  • This started as a step-by-step checklist of decisions, not as a morality spreadsheet. As such, this is not a pure math calculus, decisions have been made before calculating the morality points awards.
  • Some decisions allow for the same outcome using different tools (Intimidate for Renegade points, Charm for Paragon points), this lead to the initial checklist being converted into a morality point guide.
  • There are italicized comments in the table, most were added recently when the conversion from checklist to guide took place.
  • This is meant as a Guide, and, while you can follow it step by step, it's actually meant to help you make your own playthrough.
  • It's recommended to play at least two fast-to-the-finish games, in order to get as many free Charm/Intimidate points as possible. I did 3 runs and only attempted the "perfect play through" on the fourth. The result can be seen on my profile page, it's the Sentinel Shepard in colossus armor. This Shepard never put any points into Charm or Intimidate, but both skills are maxed out with free points.
  • There is no actual advantage in playing like this, it just unlocks both morality missions.

The guide can be found here
It is read-only, but can be copied and/or printed. --Perj 12:30, March 27, 2012 (UTC)