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  • Perj

    I'll just leave these vids here because they are thousands of times better than what biocrap gave us.

    Hitler Retakes Mass Effect 3 - exactly my reaction to the endings

    Mass Deffect 3: Shepard escapes death

    Mass Effect endings:

    Reapers win version

    Organics win versions


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  • Perj

    --Perj 12:30, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

    • Important The guide assumes you are importing and replaying a Shepard that has maximum points in both Charm and Intimidate skills, and can pass any dialogue check.
    • Important It is assumed by default that you have completed all the secondary stuff by the time you start Virmire.
    • This started as a step-by-step checklist of decisions, not as a morality spreadsheet. As such, this is not a pure math calculus, decisions have been made before calculating the morality points awards.
    • Some decisions allow for the same outcome using different tools (Intimidate for Renegade points, Charm for Paragon points), this lead to the initial checklist being converted into a morality point guide.
    • There are italicized comments in …

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