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Chapter 8 of "Explanations & Excuses" is Up!

Pepoluan October 1, 2010 User blog:Pepoluan


If you haven't figured out yet that I am a fanfiction writer at, this post should quell any doubt you still have :)

So, here's my shameless plug of my fanfic:

I have just published Chapter 8 of my fanfiction titled "Explanations and Excuses". It's a story about Cerberus, in the form of dialogues between Shepard and The Illusive Man.

One warning though: 75% of this story is pure speculation from me.

I have enabled "anonymous review" facility on my stories.

  • If you're a registered user of MEwiki but not a member of, please use your username here and append "(MEwiki)"
  • If you're a member of, I'd appreciate it if you login before leaving a review

Thanks for reading!

(To admins: If this blogpost somehow violates the Term of Use and/or guidelines of MEwiki, then I'll delete it.)

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