... in which Shepard and The Illusive Man debates the true meaning of the Shadow Broker's file on Cerberus.

Click on the following link to read the chapter:

And with the publication of that chapter... so ends the long series of "Explanations and Excuses".

Well, sort of.

The story is technically not ended, yet. But I've run out of materials on which a full-fledged battle of wits between Shepard and The Illusive Man can be built.

In addition, I'm shifting gears and am now concentrating on writing a new story, something full of action, something that's much more massive compared to my other fanfics.

You can read the Introduction to that new story here: Introduction to "Lazarus Cell: The Series"

Here's to seeing you in my next story!

PS: Feel free to discuss my story here. Use the commenting system below.

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