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  • Pepoluan

    Oh my God. I really feel honored.

    A subscriber to my story, my Russian friend morbus-rus, has undertaken the epic project of translating my story Explanations and Excuses into Russian!

    Wow... I really feel honored... never have I thought my story is good enough for someone to translate it...

    Anyways, if you want to read it, click on the following link:

    ... and when you've read it, please leave a note of "Спасибо" (thank you) to him in the reviews :)

    ( Here's an alternative link, if somehow the above doesn't work: Объяснения и причины )

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  • Pepoluan

    ... in which Shepard and The Illusive Man debates the true meaning of the Shadow Broker's file on Cerberus.

    Click on the following link to read the chapter:

    And with the publication of that chapter... so ends the long series of "Explanations and Excuses".

    Well, sort of.

    The story is technically not ended, yet. But I've run out of materials on which a full-fledged battle of wits between Shepard and The Illusive Man can be built.

    In addition, I'm shifting gears and am now concentrating on writing a new story, something full of action, something that's much more massive compared to my other fanfics.

    You can read the Introduction to that new story here: Introduction to "Lazarus Cell: The Series"

    Here's to seeing …

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  • Pepoluan

    Well well well... what do you know, I'm about to publish a new Mass Relay fanfiction, yay!

    HOWEVER, at the moment this blog entry is published, the story's not published yet. But I decided to write an intro to whet your appetite ;)

    ( I have not given any link to the actual story, because it's not published yet. As soon as it's published, I'll edit this blog entry and give the proper link to the actual story )

    Here goes...

    Hello! This is the start of my new story, "Lazarus Cell: The Series". Before I start with the story proper, I figure it'll be best to give people a kind of introduction to this story first.

    But, before that, greetz to those who've reviewed, followed, and faved my stories! I love you guys! You are the reason why I decided to go…

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  • Pepoluan

    Whoa! A double-barreled fanfiction story update from me! Yay!

    Go ahead: Read & Review, people :D

    ... in which Miranda confesses to Oriana about his relationship with Shepard

    Read here:

    ... in which Shepard educates Garrus and Tali of what Cerberus is all about.

    Read here:

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  • Pepoluan

    ... in which Garrus Vakarian declares his undying love for Tali'Zorah ! ! !

    Click here to read:

    When you've read it... don't forget to REVIEW, please... (don't worry, you don't need to register to leave a review).

    "Last Rites" is a collection of vignettes, the thoughts of each remaining crew as they prepare to go through the Omega 4 Relay

    You can read it from its beginning here:

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