Hello everyone this is Patstriker25, the thing i like about mass effect 1's endings is that that they are played out sort of based on your actions throughout the game demonstrating the fact the actions have far-reaching consequences.of course i know that it the endings do not change the missions in the game of mass effect 2 but actions like killing Wrex on Virmire, have a major impact on the story of the krogan in the other two games. of course i liked the Mission where you go after the Collectors once and for all as this is one of my favorite missions in mass effect 2. of course i did suffer endings in this game where i lost 1 or 2 team members but as far as i am concerned that is the chaotic nature of the galaxy in the series. Now i know that the mass effect 3 endings are not all that great but after seeing them personally i have come to understand them more. For one the Control ending provided that your a paragon seems to allow shepard to become a permanent protector of the galaxy through the Reapers. on the other side of the coin i saw that as a renagade you can become an Imposer of the will of the strong and the destroyer of their opposition, meaning those that try take up arms against the governments would be destroyed by the Reapers. as for Synthesis, i know that it would change evolution for good or ill. as for Destroy, this could either put the galaxy in a bigger state of ruin or restore the natural balance in the galaxy.Here is what i mean, it could cause some races like Humanity for example, to be obliterated, and cause outright hardships for all the races of the galaxy, of course the flow of the consequences depends on your major choices in the series. on the other side of the coin, the damage done to the Mass Relays would would not only encourage the races of the galaxy to study and rebuild them, but it with memory of the Defeat of the Reapers, depending on your action could inspire the other races living not in separate planets and systems, but as united communities in the galaxy, would be inspired to work together to rebuild their worlds and eventually the Mass Relays.i am not saying i believe any one ending is the best course but these are my current thoughts on the endings.

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