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My thoughts on Mass Effects Commander Shepard

hi I know I am probably in the minority when I say this, but I feel that there should be an option to have shepard as a playable character. while I realize that there may be a new protagonist in the new Mass effect, I still stand by this, but I also realize that not everybody chose the destroy ending that possibly results in his or her survival. while it is true that there are many species in the galaxy, I feel that to write shepard out of the story or ignore it, which i am sure now that they are not doing, would be a big mistake by bioware and electronic arts because it would kind of throw the story out of proportion, which i am positive that very few people want, but i too would like to see a somewhat new story too to some extent as well as the other story fixed, which i know is unlikely to happen as one cannot usually have it both ways, but i feel it would be cool if it could happen though.

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