first off I acknowledge there are other perspectives and I intend no offense when I say this. the endings are manifested through shepards mind which is hope, there is one should be pointed out in the destroy option, if chosen, he or she stops limping, which tells me you were not yet on the citadel, despite this fact not having been confirmed by bioware, I stand by this theory as it is the most compelling theory with a lot of evidence behind it. in the other two endings, control and synthesis, shepards body seems to dicentigrate and his or her eyes change color, like the color of the indoctrinated servents, which I saw with my own eyes. so I stand by what I said about the indoctrination theory and the being of light theory, the being of light theory is a theory I feel that does not fit the story unlike the indoctrination theory. just saying that despite the theory of that indoctrination theory-another look-cough-indoctrination theory another look, that is a video I feel is way off base despite its intended presentation. but that's my opinion so I do not expect you to take my word for it, watch the videos on these subjects and make your own conclusions like I did. While i acknowledge these other perspectives i would also point out that according to the story, shepard had fought many indoctrinated agents since the beginning of the series and ever since he met Soverien, handled several pieces of reaper salvage, spent time on a derelict Reaper, ran into a reaper artifact on a asteroid base in Batarian Space, fought a Human Reaper, had dreams of a boy supposedly killed on earth, here is the problem here one would think people would help the boy into the shuttle which they did not is a fact i find odd, the next thing we know is shepard's dreams about the boy begin as soon as you leave the citadel, 2 of which can have slight variations, in one such instance like the final dream the scenery can go black and a voice can say, you were a great protector shepard, but there are some things that are beyond even you. which is something i experienced. these facts are the best facts i can point out for now that would have supported the indoctrination theory.

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