Hi guys, i am new ME player, just starting the game and i am searching for a little advice that help me to develop better the in game Story/walkthrough, learning what is the best order to begin whit the main mission, when is the right time to take the side assignments, and when is a good time to go after the squad members quests, 'cos i think i start it in the wrong way. As an example. i reach the planet where the Wrex's family mission is set and just after Shepard became an Spectre, acquired the mission scanning the system where Pinnacle Station is hide, 'cos i wanted to try the combat train and learn a little more 'bout squad battle mechanics, tactics, weapons and powers, before to play the main missions, but i read that, in the case of the squad members quests, works better when you are develop more interaction whit them and their personal background in the Normandy and when the armor, weapons and powers are upgraded thorough accomplish more goals. So, i don't want to move forward to much and to early to avoid spoil the main story line or mess whit the develop of the characters. Help me please.

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