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  • I live in Parañaque
  • I was born on August 7
  • I am male
  • OnceAnerD

    It was March 6, 2012 (or earlier for the Weather Balloon Editions) when millions of players across all platforms began playing Mass Effect 3, which about 80% of them would start voicing out their utter disappointment on text and video blogs, as well as all sorts of conspiracies, including the infamous Indoctrination Theory, have found home to a motley crew of frustrated fans across the globe after a few days.

    While that is a story of another time, I've taken to write about another game mode which more players may have invested hundreds of hours than the core game itself; namely the Multiplayer Mode. Since its Resurgence DLC, millions have battled through the maps, challenges, enemies, and hazards, as the N7 volunteers found ways on how to util…

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