• OmegaSpruz

    I just finished my PC James Shepard who i will be importing to ME3, and when i thought. I have no ability to download to XBox and i have the my, from the first game shepard installed. Some important DLC are coming out but what will happen when i import ME2 without DLC to ME£ and will i be able to import at all?

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  • OmegaSpruz

    The Romance Stuff

    July 19, 2010 by OmegaSpruz

    I wasn't sure where to post it and chose to post it here. I have to important questions on ME2. If someone can answer please?

    1. I heard people are somehow able to romance the same gender companions and i saw videos on youtube. So how?
    2. How can i get more clothes, because i was seeing screenshots in random clothes not in already given by bioware.

    I am asking because i want to make my future play through more interesting.

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