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    August 10, 2014 by OmGwTfBbQ14

    Hi all, and welcome to the first (and possibly only) blog of me, the writer, of this blog. As I was casually browsing the internet looking for suitable mods for Star Wars: Battlefront II, I discovered a wonderous and quite frankly exciting mod by the name of Mass Effect: Unification. I haven't seen many of you mention it, being ME-related and whatnot, but sweet bejeebus does it look rather amazeballs. And before I go any further, NO I am not the mod-maker in disguise shamelessly plugging his creation on an unrelated wiki (actually, now that I mention that, I've questioned whether there is any point in me writin- yes there is) and NO I am not affiliated with him/her or any team members of the mod. I just thought it deserved the attention of…

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