Hey, everyone. It has been a while since I talked about my fic series, Mass Foundations. So here we go.

Things have been really slow lately, since I haven't update my stories in a while. I have juggled some ideas. Unfortunately, I can't share them yet because...


I'm rewriting the first story, Redemption in the Stars. It's a WIP, but I'll show you the intro and the other chapters so far. I'll edit this blog post as I go along.

Also, I have the character sheets for the Courier and Eric Grimes, the protagonists of Redemption in the Stars and A New Day respectively.

If you want to leave ideas, suggestions, etc., leave a comment here.

Please stay on topic. Be courteous and excellent to each other. Don't discriminate based on sexuality, gender, race, etc, and make things safe for work. A little bit of profanity is fine, but don't be excessive about it.

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