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Sorry it was late, I considered doing it back on November 7th, when the first game was released back in 2007. Anyway, since then, we know more information about the next Mass Effect game, including:

Aaryn Flynn expressed interest in making a current-gen version of the trilogy for the Xbox One and the PS4. He conducted a poll on NeoGAF to find ideas such as

  • 1080p 60fps support, high-res textures - especially on Mass Effect 1
  • Inclusion of all DLC (One user suggested the DLCs should be implemented organically, so it can be available at appropriate points in each story)
  • A 'seamless experience' so each game flows into one another without needing to import saves

One of the users on NeoGAF suggested an overhaul on ME1's combat mechanics to make it more like its successors. But while Flynn noted how often he got that request, he responded that it would take up a lot of work and it would make some fans upset. No other word on the re-release.

In other news, Chris Schlerf, lead writer of Halo 4, has been hired as the lead writer for the next Mass Effect game.

More information (from the Escapist and Polygon):

  • New races
  • New worlds with different architecture
  • Focus on the current-gen consoles - Xbox One, PS4, and PC
  • Senior development director Chris Wynn said they're "not to build Mass Effect 4."
  • Still about choice, players making their own path and being immersed in these new worlds

To end it, here are some concept art posted by IGN, taken from BioWare's Twitch channel.

Alternate news post: Mass Effect 4 news, images, lead writer interview by Alientraveller

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