One day, when I was browsing the Mass Effect page on Reddit, I've stumbled upon a webpage so petculuar and so interesting I thought I decided to share. However, take it with a grain of salt, because it's largely rumors and speculations and is run by ITists, Reddit, and NeoGAF. Those shifty bastards, them:

Or for anyone too lazy to click on this link or just don't have enough time, here's a summary.

  • Opened with "What does N7 mean to you?"
  • Asked if they'd like to see a sequel, prequel, or something different. Overwhelming majority said sequel.
  • "Arrogant" race. Thin and skeletal. Glowing eyes. Necks that "frilled up from their chest".
  • "Ancient, advanced, guardian" race. Like sci-fi stone golems with Tron-like glowing lines over their bodies and floating fragments/shards.
  • Asari, Salarian, Human, and Krogan shown in Frostbite 3.
  • Want to bring across the model variety of human models to other races, giving them more diverse bone structure.
  • Showed a line-up of the series' main races, and asked fans to pick two if they had to get rid of them. Most picked Quarian and Krogan. Speculation: The game has multiple playable races in campaign, and BioWare wants feedback on which they should be.
  • Multiple human armour configurations shown. Asked which would be most iconic. Speculation: Marketing query, to work out what should be on the box.
  • Multiple land vehicles shown.
  • Focus is on characters and choices, but they want to bring back the focus on exploration and discovery.
  • Devs looking into save customization, a debug menu or something ala Dragon Age Keep for Inquisition.
  • Various head configurations for the krogan from the Frostbite 3 engine. Looks somewhat synthetic (either the 'Guardian' race or the krogan).
  • A lot of armor customization.
  • "Stranger in Strange Land"-like tone.

Please enjoy and discuss civilly!

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