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Vanguard Playthrough - Day Three

Not too much interesting this time around, as I only did a couple main missions. I mostly ran around, probing planets and did some little side things. However, I did go through Zaeed's loyalty mission and successfully recruited Jack. No fancy form up this time, as I think I've finally gotten the hang of playing a Vanguard (and no one was giving me helpful tips anyhoo.)

On Zaeed's mission, I actually followed the paragon route this time, saving before I did, and to my surprise, I had enough Paragon points to charm him into loyalty. My only problem was a YMIR Mech that managed to trap me in a side room. Thank god for the Avalanche, it stripped that thing's protection down and froze it solid.

Jack's mission, oddly, was a piece of cake, though was extremely slow. I didn't trust myself to charge in at all. Kinda disappointing, really, when the main feature of a Vanguard rarely get used by me. Maybe I should go back to support characters. Ah well, I'll tough it out, and get it down eventually.

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