Just a small little survey I'd like to pose to the community of this wiki. What was your favorite moment on the Normandy during Mass Effect 3? Like anything else on this wiki, I feel obligated to warn anyone who hasn't yet played the game that spoilers will inevitably follow in this post and in the comments below.

For me personally, it is soooooo... hard to pick. So many moments made me fall over laughing, others made me go awww... while others made me smile when despite some differences camaraderie ultimately came through.

Amongst this sea of incredibly character interaction I think the one that sticks out the most with me would have to be when I went to check on the forward battery just before the final push, see how my buddy Garrus was doing, then I open the door and... O_O *rubs eyes* O_O

Garrus and Tali!?!?!

I stared at the scene before me with a jaw wide open while laughing silently at their awkward excuses, but ultimately I can honestly say I was happy to see two of Shepard's closest friends connecting and coming together the way they did. It was sweet and definitely one of the best surprises in the game.

That turned out to be longer than I thought, but I hope the rest of you will share your fav Normandy moments.

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