• NightsKnight

    ME2 on PS3 thoughts

    August 24, 2010 by NightsKnight

    Personally I’m a PS3 person, though I obviously play ME on the PC, so my thoughts on ME2 coming to the PS3 are cautiously extremely excited. My only peeve about the PS3 getting ME2 is how it will handle the Mass Effect back story. As it is meant to play out as a trilogy with each game having an impact on the next, I think it would take away from the title to not have both games on the PS3. I know there is a default back story if you don’t import a character but personally it feels weird to be play as the hero but have killed the council and pretty much everyone else and be treated as such. I mean they could add some option allowing you to choose as to whether or not you want a paragon or renegade back story but still that wouldn’t really …

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