This is an idea I came up with and most likely not to happen. But I would like to see the Resistances POV in a 6 to 7 Chapter DLC where you take the role of Major Coates or a new Protagonist introduced into the series and could ending up being the protagonist for Mass Effect 4. While Shepard is trying to recruit armies for the war against the reapers in order to save earth and the galaxy, i think it would be interested to see what the resistance encountred in Earth with locations such as Vancouver the first level of Mass Effect 3 and other locations such as Amsterdam, Madrid and London the last Mission of Mass effect 3. Trying to fend off the reapers the best they can trying to survive and going from fox hole to fox hole until Shepard arrives to Earth. There could be amazing cutscenes and full scale war and destruction caused by the reapers to fill in the blanks and to explain how the Resistance survived and held out for this long. Not to mention an intresting DLC to expand the Mass Effect 3 story in the eyes of the resistance organzied by admiral Anderson.

Tell me what you think and don't grill me it's just a thought. It doesn't have to happen it's just my POV which I think it would be a good idea to expand the story, so give me your thoughts guys don't be shy.

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