The News

Bioware Montreal Producer Fabrice Condominas was recently (18th October) interviewed by VG247 about details of Mass Effect 4. The producer confirmed that ME4 will have NO Cmdr Shepard to reprise his/her role, no "v2 Shepard" that will resemble Shepard's personality and that the new protagonist will not be soldier (WTF) I don't know what the hell Bioware is trying to steer this great series to but check out these links: [1] & [2]

My Thoughts

I am running on fumes. A new protagonist for ME4 won't be a soldier! What a sad day. Does Bioware want us fans to play a politician making rich just by doing nothing except pass boring laws for the galaxy to follow or a general that will turn ME4 into a RTS like EA's cash cow Command & Conquer. I literally love the 3rdPerson/RPG gameplay of the trilogy. I can't see Mass Effect being better if it was removed. The series has to keep getting bigger, better, and fascinating or the next game will turn out to be a miserable spin-off. My support for Bioware is hanging by a thread. Is this wonderful company that made the most remember able RPG IP's in gaming history about to be flushed down the toilet? EA are generous to invest a lot of their money to the developers they own but it is simply clear that they don't care about the passion of the gaming industry and that they will do everything in their power to rob all the money from their gamers. I'm worried but if they have success in DA:3 then my faith will climb. So to all that wanted to play Shepard's child, that's out of the window. I just have one last thing to say, Bioware PLEASE make a human soldier protagonist with a different personality/appearance/maybe accent to Shep and make him/her less robotic in conversations (more emotion in conversations) and bring back more dialogue options (like 4 or 5 not 2). Wheew I typed all that in my 1st blog.

N7EagleEye (talk) 12:06, October 19, 2012 (UTC) out.

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